Postal Hire

How does postal costume hire work?

First, contact Revamp Fancy Dress to tell us which outfit or outfits you wish to hire by mail order, and the date you need them. Make sure you include a daytime contact telephone number as well as an email address. We will check the availability of the items and contact you to confirm the hire date, return date and total cost.

To secure your booking we will ask you for a £10 holding fee; this is non-refundable but is deducted from the final hire fee. We cannot guarantee your costume's availability unless the holding fee (or the full hire fee) is paid in advance.

Revamp will take your hire payment, deposit and postage charge (see below) by telephone. We accept most leading credit and debit cards. The value of the hire fee and deposit will vary according to the item(s) in question. The deposit reflects the cost of replacing the costume in case it is not returned.

The postage charge, deposit and any remaining hire fee are not deducted from your account until the date the costume is dispatched.

When payment is accepted, the item(s) will be dispatched by Special Delivery. In most cases this will cost an additional £10.99, although it may be more in the case of multiple items, or for especially large or heavy items.

You must return the items by Special Delivery or 1st Class Recorded Delivery by the agreed return date. Your deposit is refunded to your card as soon as the items are returned safely to us.

Late-return fees may apply if the item(s) are not returned by the agreed return date. Make sure you keep the proof of postage and/or receipt and/or tracking number from the Post Office or courier company when you send the item(s) back.

If items are returned damaged or incomplete, we will deduct the cost of replacement or repair from your deposit. If items are not returned within a reasonable period, the full value of the deposit will be retained.

I've damaged my costume. What should I do?

Let us know the extent of the damage straight away, and send the costume back by the agreed return date. If the costume can be repaired satisfactorily, we will charge you only for the cost of the repair, not the full replacement value, so you may not lose the full value of your deposit.

Please do not try to repair the costume yourself, as this may cause additional damage.

I've lost my costume. What should I do?

Save everyone a lot of time and effort and just tell us as quickly as possible!

My costume hasn't arrived. What should I do?

All of our postal hire packages have Special Delivery tracking numbers so we can check their location and delivery status. If your item(s) do not arrive at the address given by the agreed hire date, let us know immediately and we will pursue the matter with the Royal Mail or courier service. In the unlikely event that your costume is lost in the post, your money will be refunded.

My costume was damaged when it arrived. What should I do?

Contact us straight away and tell us the extent of the damage. If the item(s) were damaged in transit and are not fit for purpose, we will refund your fees and postage costs as soon as the item(s) are returned to us. Please keep your proof of postage, receipt and/or tracking number from the Post Office or courier company when returning costumes.

Should I wash the costume before I return it?

No. The cost of cleaning is included in the hire fee. Many costumes require specialist cleaning and may be damaged if you wash them yourself.

What happens if I return my costume late?

Late fees are charged at the rate of £5 per day for each day after the agreed return date. This amount will be deducted from your deposit. If late return is unavoidable, please contact us before the return date and let us know. Late fees may be waived in exceptional circumstances.

What happens if my costume gets lost in the post?

Make sure you return the costume by Special Delivery or 1st Class Recorded Delivery and keep the proof of postage, receipt and/or tracking number. If the costume is not returned to us by the agreed date but you can demonstrate that it was sent in good time, your deposit will be returned with no late-return fees applied.